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November 2014: Food Forest II: Terra Alta

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November 2014: Food Forest II: Terra Alta. Another big push on our aims of developing [...]

Permaculture – People and the future of this movement

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Dear friends,  the picture above is the people care class taken during the the last [...]

Child Care – The 4th ethics of permaculture?

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Today i woke up at 4 AM with a dream about Child Care becoming part [...]

Social Permaculture and pattern thinking – The awakening of the 13th sense

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Dear planet earth, Tonight my words and thoughts go into the sphere of pattern thinking. [...]

Permaculture and social patterns – War between dragons and humans

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From physical to social patterns It seems in this Universe, at least from what we [...]

Is permaculture a spiritual movement or a secular science ?

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This is a question that lots of people have been asking me, specially our students [...]

Presenting New Zones in Social Permaculture – Zone 6 and Zone 7

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Zones and people Greetings! Last summer,  2014,  we hosted the ninth edition of a permaculture design course [...]