Helping you land here

Helping you land here

If arriving by bus or plane and to get to Terra Alta you have two options of travel.  One is through the mountain of Sintra, the other through the coast and Cascais.  Choose whatever you prefer and it takes in between 2-3 hours with a couple of easy transfers. Please plan that within your travel times to arrive here on time. Ultimately you end up in the same place for your pickup point; Ulgueira (pronounced Oohl guy da). If you go through Sintra or Cascais its the same bus, the 403 from Scotturb.  (click here for the 403 time table)

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From Lisbon airport:

If you arrive by plane to Lisbon, you will need to go to the city’s most central train station Rossio to go through Sintra, or in Portuguese Estação de Caminhos de Ferro do Rossio (see Google map). From here trains leave every 20 minutes to Sintra Station, with CP Sintra Line, costing 2,05 euros; for this line you also need to purchase a viva viagem card, which can be recharged and reused and costs 0,50 euros. If going through Cascais, you need to go to Cais De Sodre and take that CP Cascais Line.

To Rossio or Cais de Sodre station:

You can take the airport shuttle bus Aerobus 1, which goes to Rossio Station and Cais de Sodre, and leaves from directly outside the arrivals.

If you want to take a taxi, (note: it should cost around 6-10 euros; but be aware you sometimes you have to pay extra for baggage, and if there is a lot of traffic it could be more expensive!) it is recommended to pick up a taxi from departures rather than from arrivals. The meter should start on 2,50 euro. It takes between 10 and 45 minutes to arrive in the city center depending on traffic.

It is also possible to take the metro from the Airport, on the pink line to the city center in about 16 minutes. However, you have to change twice to get to Rossio, first to the green line at Alameda, and then onto the blue line at Baixa-Chiado (so it is more direct to take the bus!). If you go to Cais de Sodre, you change just once for the green line.  

Lisbon metro map

Lisbon metro map

From Sintra station:

There are two ways to arrive in the nearest main village Ulgueira: bus 403, direction Cascais Terminal (click here for the 403 time table) goes from close to Sintra station (exit and walk left along the road next to the train tracks, and you will see the bus stop); get off at Ulgueira. Or, you go through Caiscais and again get off at the same place.  When you get off the train in Caiscais you walk across the street and under the shopping mall and straight ahead past the stairs is where the 403 waits.  Either way as to be dropped off at Ulgueira ask for the bus driver to let you know when as there is no sign to see this sleepy little town.  If you walk staring downhill there is a coffee shop with a red sign where you can wait if you need some refreshments.

Let us know what time you are arriving and we’ll come to greet and collect you from Ulgueira! Please be proactive with communication to us and for our bigger courses we have meeting times as to collect 5-6 people at a time.  It’s an easy trip and always ask for help as most people speak english.  Coast or mountain, its your choice and enjoy the journey here.