Our Valuable Team Members

Pedro Valdjiu
Pedro ValdjiuFounder, Host and Facilitator
Pedro Valdiju, founder of an international music band Blasted Mechanism, is a well rounded artist and permaculturist. His aim within permaculture is facilitating a cultural revolution through holistic perspectives on many topics including children’s education. This lead him to co-found a community run home school that is the sister project of Terra Alta known as Escola da Terra. He also brings this perspective into being a permaculture facilitator and site developer. Besides his artistic expression through music, he also is a renowned filmmaker and producer. He also serves the permaculture world as an inspiration for change through innovative networks and visionary projects.
Rita Seixas
Rita SeixasFounder and Host
Rita Seixas is a deeply dedicated educator and community leader as she helps to bring transformation through nurturing children’s education and welcoming course hosting through attention to detail. She is the co-founder of Terra Alta and Escola da Terra A Waldorf School in a village nearby Terra Alta. She is highly connected to Antroposhophy, a spiritual science created by Rudolf Steiner, which frames this amazing work with the next generation. She is also a very talented artist in the areas of crafting, painting and drawing which translates into retrofitting spaces with both functionality and aesthetic beauty. Devoted mother of 2 girls, she is on the cutting edge of education in Portugal leading a School with her full heart and soul.
Henrik Ellerbrock
Henrik EllerbrockCo -Founder, Host and Facilitator
Henrik Ellerbrock, a highly sensitive being, has been positively influenced by many fields from Permaculture to conflict resolution to circus to peace education. He is an artist within natural building and sculpting the land with great detail. He also adds a special touch to social permaculture as his ability to facilitate conversation and change is impressive. He joined the Terra Alta project in 2010 through buying the adjoining land known as Nangiyala. From there he has fine tuned his field skills which shows his love for teaching in the field and getting people turned onto permaculture through learning with the body.