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Pedro Valdiju, founder of an international music band Blasted Mechanism, is a well rounded artist and permaculturist. His aim within permaculture is facilitating a cultural revolution through holistic perspectives on many topics including children’s education. This lead him to co-found a community run home school that is the sister project of Terra Alta known as Escola da Terra. He also brings this perspective into being a permaculture facilitator and site developer. Besides his artistic expression through music, he also is a renowned filmmaker and producer. He also serves the permaculture world as an inspiration for change through innovative networks and visionary projects.

Mirror mirror what do you see?

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November 2014: Food Forest II: Terra Alta

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Permaculture – People and the future of this movement

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Child Care – The 4th ethics of permaculture?

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Social Permaculture and pattern thinking – The awakening of the 13th sense

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