As the days start getting longer again and the sun enters our beautiful and diverse valley near the most western point of continental Europe we are opening the Natural Building season in our educational center at Terra Alta

For that, we organized an action day by inviting a few good friends from our local network from the bioregion of Sintra and continue with one of our Natural Buildings projects. This project represents a symbiosis of various approved low impact building techniques we practiced and mastered throughout the last years which are appropriate for our mild Mediterranean climate. A roundhouse Timberframe structure with a reciprocal roof made from eucalyptus, cypress and cryptomeria Roundwood, collected from the nearby Sintra forest and Light Clay/ Straw wall infill, providing comfortable insulation for the humid winter. Thermal mass is guaranteed by a thick Earthen Plaster applied in several layers, using Clay from the land and horse manure from our neighbors. As we are an off-grid educational center we are aiming to use traditional hand tools, minimizing the usage of fuel involving tools.

The holistic design within this building implicates a low impact approach so all materials used are reused, recycled or found in the local area. We in Terra Alta are aiming for an educational surplus value, designing this building project in a way that we include people from the local community to inspire for an alternative building approach in our bioregion. Our vision is to work on creating models which are sustainable and leading one way towards a regenerative future where building houses are not any more harmful our environment and the people living in them. Along this pathway we want to enjoy the process of building, having fun, creating connections with the people involved and learning from each other. 


If you want to be part of it come and join us for our two weeks Natural Building immersion at Terra Alta.


Natural Building Workshop – 2 weeks Intensive