2017 Courses

Our Educational Center and Hosting Philosophy and Reality

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Terra Alta offers courses centered around Permaculture and Natural building each year as we continue to be focused on our aim of an off the grid educational center.  The site affords great examples of both Permaculture and natural building which we have worked very hard for in our short but intensive buildup of the site.  From food forest to cob ovens, water harvesting earthworks to solar dehydrators there are many facets to learn from.  When you choose a course with us you are definitely kickstarting our ability to continue to expand our dreams of educating in a holistic way and providing a safe space for transformation.  We are an evolving site but the land is a valley of abundance with an ancient water feature and both new and old trees.  Camping occurs in and amongst majestic cork oaks while your drinking water comes directly from our high quality spring! We host with off with features like off the grid electricity production and delectable cuisine that relies strongly on local and organic produce including what comes from our food forestTwo amazing beaches are walking distance away and also the cliffs where the atlantic meets Europe .  We are just a walk away from the Western most point of Europe so there is learning to be had but sight seeing to compliment. To learn more click on the links below on the totality of the project:

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