Henrik Ellerbrock – Biography

Growing up in the metropolis of Berlin, Henrik developed a particular sense of what are the urgent matters to address for establishing a global societal transformation. Through various projects for peace education and conflict resolution in southern and eastern Africa, as well as working with A. Boal’s “theatre of the oppressed” in different Berlin high schools, he understood clearly that social changes cannot be imposed from the outside, but have to grow from within.

After several years of work to create societal awareness for global political issues in Berlin he decided to move to Portugal in 2010, hoping to find a more authentic way of life. Here he met Pedro and his family and joined the Terra Alta project, purchasing the neighboring land.

Since that time he has studied permaculture intensively as well as related aspects of sustainable living. As a passionate Natural Builder and consultant for regenerative design solutions Henrik currently works as a biointensive farmer and vegetable distributor drove by the vision of creating bioregional food autonomy. Through pertinent observation, constructive ideas and an eye for detail, he became an essential part of the educational center and every day is dedicated to live the dream of an alternative regenerative life.

  • 2006 Volunteer year in circus school Zip Zap in the township Khaelitsha, Cape Town, South Africa
  • 2007-09 Bachelor of Arts in Area studies of Asia and Africa Humboldt University Berlin
  • 2007-09 Secretary for Commit Berlin e.V.
  • Feb-Apr 2008 Facilitating workshops for peace education and conflict resolution in Kampala, Uganda with Commit Berlin e.V.
  • Jun-Sep 2008 Shaolin Kung Fu education in YunTai Shan international culture and martial arts school near Zhengzhou, Henan, China
  • 2008-2010 Working as a facilitator and theater trainer for Forumtheater raabenschwarz in different Highsschools in Berlin
  • 2010 Founder of the urban music and art festival Zwischenraum Festival in Berlin
  • 2010-11 Circus education in Chapito, Lisbon
  • 2011-12 Circus education in Armazem 13, Lisbon
  • Jul 2011 PDC with Doug Crouch in Escola da Terra, Sintra, Portugal
  • Aug 2011 Summer university in Tamera
  • 2012-16 Co-facilitating Terra Alta PDCs
  • Mai 2013 Science of Transformation workshop with D.Duhm in Tamera
  • Aug 2014 People& Permaculture workshop with Peter Cow
  • Dez 2014 Permaculture teachers training with Aranya and C.Evans in Sieben Linden
  • Jan 2016 School Mirja in Tamera
  • since March 2017 Global Ecovillage Design Education (GEDS) online course