Greetings web surfers.

Here I am to share with you all some words I wrote while I was studying about deep democracy and decision-making processes ie. consensus vs consent.

Hope you have a good time reading it.

Mirror, mirror what do you see?

I feel that in order to deeply transform society, to be part of a cultural regeneration, to be part of a new story, one needs to be ready for one of the hardest things in life that are to DEPROGRAM cultural and behavior patterns.

It seems that somehow we are all embedded in a web of unethical practices that are commonly accepted by the majority of people on this planet. From the clothes we dress to the water we drink everything around us screams for a global transformation. 

A huge lack of vision, greed, and a sense of disconnection with Gaia has become the river in which our captains of power seem to be governing us. 

So the program that makes us believe that we are merely consumers is deeply rooted in most of us. It is also a program that comes with many other bugs in it, most concerning authority, governance, and power. 

We truly believe that while we sleep someone is taking care of the bigger problems that society has and eventually some group of scientists will come out with a formula that will make everybody feel happy and who knows the end of suffering has its days counted on earth. 

But while we sleep there is actually no one taking care of us. We need to awake and after cleaning our faces and eat a slice of apple we are then ready to take action globally and even more powerfully in our bioregion or local community. 

Are “they” spraying the road with heavy chemicals to clean weeds? Are “they” looking for drilling the coast of Portugal to get oil? Is there a lack of proper education alternatives for our kids in our region? 

By addressing this questions and looking for solutions we end up by engaging ourselves and our local community in some kind of work. Organizations, projects, events and a lot of energy can arise from this initiative and eventually we can all create a lot of transformation in our surroundings and the global community.

How to address local authorities? Or how to actually create autonomous or new forms of governance in the act of building alternative solutions?

To answer that I see that it is not just about deprogramming cultural behaviors and beliefs but also finding some key factors on the new algorithm that will make it possible. And they are:

– Shared spaced and time

– Shared vision and mission

– A good sense of commitment and responsibility towards the social and ecological environment.

– Being open and creative 

– Keeping our internal landscape nourished and clean. 

While writing a new chapter in our local fiction, let’s say when I started a Permaculture Off the grid project I dive myself into the big mystery of governance and all that orbits around. I needed to make a big shift towards; the way I deal with power, the way I was taking decisions and mainly in the way I was communicating my limits, needs, and values to people. I have found out while writing this reflection that actually my life was dramatically different from today. I feel that by working and learning new tools I have become wider, and my relations are much deeper than before.

Nowadays we don’t call any longer community to our place, Terra Alta in Sintra Portugal, simply because we have private property. So what we see that we have created is a healthy neighborhood. To arrive at this enlightened statement we went through a lot of conflicts where missing tools could have saved a lot of time and white hairs. Still, all of them took me to a new level of understanding the power of governance.

Today I feel that having clear roles, transparency, shared interest, tools to crate decisions, proper ways to communicate are at the root of this project. And trust me, almost 10 years after I still feel we are like children here. I believe that it will take many lifetimes and a lot of study on each topic to achieve a level of trust that just the trees in a forest have towards each other.

Are trees deciding how a forest will look like in consensus? Definitely yes! They seem to dedicate all their lifetime to mutually listen to each other and their environment and in the end when I go to the forest that consensual feeling of abundance is its baseline. Birds seem to sing that consensus. How it would be like if we really listening properly to each other and before taking a decision, designing proposals we would be really connected like trees are, and from that base, something new would emerge from? Maybe is the design of a kitchen garden, or maybe is a policy for no shoes in the common space for yoga. Whatever might be the issue if the baseline is there it would be not just easier to decide and to create but also it would be much more authentic. This world needs authentic networks and connections. Between us and us,  between us and nature there must be more than mathematical algorithms.

I wish for myself to find more time for establishing cultural networks that empower people to connect to nature and to make sure that inside this networks or organizations we embody a new program, one that will listen and count with each other perspective from life. I also wish to go on with my studies of Eco Village education and I am still looking for this magical seat spot somewhere on the forest that surrounds me to learn from the magical cork trees that are part of this forest here. To do that I need to stop writing things on my laptop and simply follow the Sun.