Terra Alta is part of a growing community in permaculture, design and education – read more about some of our partners below:



TreeYo is a co-creative collective of people engaged and connected in the Permaculture Community. We design for resiliency, we teach environmental literacy, we build with the earth beneath or feet, we use technology that is appropriate, and we travel the world to spread the word! Read more about our teaching philosophy.

Website: http://treeyopermaculture.com/

Blog: http://treeyopermaculture.com/permaculture-blog/

Also check out Treeyo’s online permaculture reader here.


Escola da terra (School of the Earth) is a Waldorf home-schooling educational project, providing primary level education for over 20 international and Portuguese children. The school also organises activities for children in music, arts and crafts, traditional dances, circus, permaculture, nature walks, puppet theatre, etc. Inspired by Rudolf Steiner Waldorf pedagogy, the school is also inspired by permaculture and has hosted permaculture events and courses in the past.


Email contact: escolaterra@gmail.com (English and Portuguese are ok!)


Myripa is an artist, illustrator, creator and graphic designer,

yogini and tree-hugger, permaculture and natural living fan
and agricultural scientist based in Austria.
She created our logo, and is open for open for commissions and collaborations.
Have a look at her creations at www.myripa.at