From physical to social patterns

It seems in this Universe, at least from what we have been told that whatever is ruling the laws of physics is doing it by applying patterns. So i would say that matter has always a pattern behind it, sustaining its existence.

And it is visible that this has been made in the most efficient way within nature where energy goes from one point to the other, under certain conditions , always choosing the patterns with the less loss of energy. We can locate several different patterns in nature, and interrelate them with us humans and our behaviours. Here i show a few examples:

              Dendritic pattern – we can find this one in the transport system ( metro) and in the blood system.


Spiral Pattern – these pattern is the one i connect abundance with


 Web Pattern – the world wide web


About social patterns and human behaviours

Social patterns can be by itself a full science with no end. I decided to do a brief exposure about a pattern that i have been working on for some time and also to write some words about some social patterns that are further called Dragons. This is information that i shared during the Permaculture design courses PDC which we facilitate in Terra Alta, and is also part of my diploma process in permaculture.

The Flower of life


This pattern can be found in many ancient traditions and cultures from all over cultures and continents. Study´s around this mandala, have shown that it contains all platonic solids within and it is also part of a path that starts with the seed of life, the flower of life, the fruit of life and the tree of life.

As i was researching  the flower of life pattern i understood that this is how nature is growing itself. It is the growth pattern that works as a magical magnifier or multiplier. It is not my intention to go deep on this one, if you wish to know more about this pattern, its history and powers please search the internet for it.

But , it is my intention to share something that i have found out by looking at this beautiful image. If we look at it with full attention all of these circles that are interconnected have exactly the same size.  And this is the reason why this pattern works, because if one of the circles would be a bit bigger or smaller we will not see a pattern anymore.

And this made me think with a social analogy, were we can see the worlds dominant culture full of circles trying to be bigger then the others, were greed seems to take over the mandala of life. Greed has become a value for most of the humans. We can also see on micro cultures like families or small groups of people someone trying to be bigger or smaller than the others.  And what is great on this pattern is that it shows that if a circle from the flower of life suddenly grows or decreases in relation to the others there will be no harmony and no balance in the collective of circles anymore. There will be no more pattern.  So trying to be more than the others obviously will lead to dominant cultures , but being less than the others, or what we can describe as victim patterns also will have the same destructive effect. The question is how to find the balance? How to be in a community of people, a collective, a business, my country and the world without being less or more than the others?

The study of social permaculture has brought me some insights about these, lets say it has shown me a map in which in can design my present life and look for new directions . As i was preparing to facilitate some of the Permaculture design courses that we run, i was going deep on the issue of social permaculture,  which is part of the three spheres that are the ethics of permaculture, Earth Care, People Care and Fair Share. The people care sphere is on my perspective very urgent to work on , and there are some resources that can support the understanding of the correlation between permaculture design science on its social realm. I found many important topics on this books :

“Creating a life together” by Diana Leafe Crsitian , People and permaculture by Looby Macnamara

The war between dragons and humans ( epic name )


I got in touch with the dragon archetypes in my childhood, hearing all the stories with dragons and knights that seemed to have endless energy on the fight of these evil creatures. I always had the dream that one day i would be fighting with one dragon in order to save my beloved princess…

Now that i am an adult, i found myself fighting often with more than one dragon, there is one that seems to enjoy my company which is the dragon of negligence. There are some other dragons that want to invade my life , they are very subtile and tend to take my focus away and most of the times my dreams. If we are not aware they simply take over and rule our lives.

I see the Dragons like behaviour patterns that are keeping me from thriving in an abundant direction, and most of the times there are certain person that come to my life and just show me by providing me feedback that i am under certain influence of one of these fire spitters creatures…

There is a book from an anthroposophist that mentions some dragons that also attack social projects and most of the time they are the reason why these projects doesn’t succeed, here are some:

The Dragon of communication, the Dragon of bureaucracy, the Dragon of organisation, the Dragon of amateurism, the Dragon of autonomy just to mention some of the 12 that Lex Bos, the author of the book wrote in 1992.  It’s a very useful book if you have the intention to start a social project, and you want to do it so that it will stay and serve the world and your community. I have been observing some groups , associations and other initiatives that simply because they are in a conflict with one or more of these dragons and they don’t even know.

While I was researching about dragons one night, I took a book form my bookshelf, of one of my big masters in life, a Portuguese incredible human being that already left the planet, Agostinho da Silva, i opened the book randomly and there he was talking about 3 other dragons that seem to be very dominant in society, and here they are:

The Dragon of Profit – This one is so huge that sometimes i cant imagine anymore a world without the influence of the beast.. What is worst is that we are making profit out of nature, which I  feel as something out of the Universal Law. Nature is not for sale. Profit comes form the illusion that we live in a world of scarcity were greed is the value that is holding people into these trap. These Dragon would be killed by the Knight that believes and lives in the abundance that nature is providing all the time.

The Dragon of Information – We are bombed with information throughout the day, whatever we do, in the web, in the air in forms of frequencies, marketing, mouth to mouth, schools and university’s, television, radios, outdoors its al over the planet, and mainly connected with the dragon of profit and elitism. Agostinho da Silva was saying that the way to keep these dragon away is to be truthful, with yourself and the rest of the world.

The Dragon of Elitism / Sectarianism – This is making us believe that we are separated from each other through religion, sports, politics, clubs, traditions and behaviours  and so on. This is the dragon that is keeping all of us from realising that we are connected and dependent from each others like any ecosystem on earth. Being part of something is a need that we have that comes from the comfort of being included on something. The feeling of rejection end exclusion is a very hard one to deal with.

So the question can be how to fight these creatures?

I guess that becoming Knights with ideals that are not for sale might be a good start, ideals that are in touch with the matrix of Life, ideals that are connected to true values like compassion, truth, honesty, respect, and so on. By not having our ideals for sale we are able to see these dragons and either keep the distance or fight them every day, i mean to walk the talk. Recently i met an ancient man in the local village of Almoçageme near were i live. He is 93 years old and had an incredible life were he had the opportunity of traveling around the world and discovered several cultures. I enquire him about the state of the world and what has changed since the beginning of his life within the last century. His answer was – our ideals were not for sale, today everyone has a price. This answer deeply touched me, it made me go further and I asked him why? He answered that today everyone is out of his centre, information made everyone anxious and turned the world up side down. Bravo i thought, i was in front of a true king!!

With me, and my collection of dragons i have found out that one day it’s for me , one day it’s for them…. and in this process I feel that I am growing and becoming a Man, a Knight that dedicates and devotes its life to its beloved queen, mother earth.

With Love

Pedro Valdjiu, Planet Earth, Europe, Portugal, Sintra, Almoçageme, Terra Alta ( Permaculture Courses center )