Dear friends,  the picture above is the people care class taken during the the last week of august 2014 were a group of 20 people gathered to an immersion week around the issue of social permaculture.  And if you look closer what you see are the fruits from these branch of Permaculture named People Care. Other branches from the ethics are Earth Care, and Fair Share.  Looby Macnamara wrote the book “people and permaculture” were she presents different subjects like, zoning related to humans, communications tools, the Holmgren principals also related to us, decision making tools, the design web and more. This course was mainly about the design web,  which ended up to be a very powerful and precise tool to design  a vision for a community , a project, a band, a relation and so on. Looby created a web that as 12 anchor points starting up with the vision, helps, limits, patterns, ideas, principals, integration, action, momentum, reflection and pause.

During these days surrounded by some of my best friends from the local community, the collective of teachers guided by Peter Cow and our great team, we started a big internal processes that made me realise about the importance of these social tools in the permaculture movement and in society. It seems that we have been educated to run from your internal processes, to hide from the others, fearing rejection and judgement, when in the end our problems and processes are quite similar when shared on a circle. During the saturday party i meet a boy form the local town, a face that i have been used to see working on the restaurant of the beach near by. He was staring at all the students final designs that were stapled on the wall on our social space here at Terra Alta. I reach him with a hug and after breaking the ice with a couple of jokes i asked him why was he working in a restaurant?? He answered that he didnt know what to do, and he couldn’t find motivation on is life to go forward. I look straight into his shining eyes and asked him what was is ideal in life, what was is dream and vision? He started to shine even more and after a while he said- i dont know… I never thought on that , he said. And i realise again how this society is trying to kill our dreams by cutting our connection to life starting at the class room at school. I said that he was a beautiful human being and that is  life could be  a back pack and a tour around the world meeting people and cultures. He is 20 years old, what else to do at these age rather then traveling and growing with the planet?? He started to make me million questions about the design web and how to reach that vision. After a deep talk we came ttogetherwith conclusion that he will come with a scholarship and do a permaculture design course next year here and from that he will go and try woofing as way of meeting regenerative projects and cultures. I was so happy that my eyes go watered by my emotions. The boy was there for me and i was there for him!

So were is permaculture going? i guess it needs to go through the path of reconnecting humans to what is to be a human. Introducing tools that our governments didnt introduced like creating a vision to our lifes, abundance rather then scarcity, and from these zone 00 that is us, each one of us, we can go to our family, friends, association, co-operatives, town, country and the all world shining and ready to start a garden with people, a school, whatever project we feel that will bring healing for us humans. Most of us dont have access to land, but we probably have access to a group pf friends were we can start the fire, the inner transformative fire that eventually will take us to the sphere of earth care and finally to a world with fair share.

A new economy ,under my humble perspective, can only emerge when i am feeling good with my self, i have a home, food in the table and my basic needs fulfilled, then i can look for the care of the planet, farming good food, taking care of animals, or planting a food forest, and then from these point i can go to my community and look for those that need the surplus of my production of pears, lettuce ,eggs or bananas and share with them.

So i will say that the river for permaculture starts with people care, earth care and finally the rise of a new economy supported by the value of Fraternity instead of greed.

With Love

Pedro Valdjiu, Planet Earth. Europe, Portugal, SIntra, Terra Alta Permaculture

The author of the people care book –

The facilitator that guided us – http://livingincircles.com