Dear planet earth,

Tonight my words and thoughts go into the sphere of pattern thinking.

I read once that the word pattern comes from the latin word “Pater” which means Father , and “Mater” as all of us might know also means mother. It`s really difficult not to see here already some kind of connection between the word pater/father with sun and the word matter/mother with earth, so it will be something like father sun, mother earth… sounds familiar??

So i ask myself if the word pattern comes from pater, and as i go inside to find the answer, i see that probably there will be no life on this planet without the light from the Sun, and probably there will be no consciousness at all, or no body’s that carry consciousness all around space and time without that  source of light. So it makes me think that patterns before they manifest they might come from the light.

So, i ask again – is collective consciousness an immense pattern field? And if it is , are we able to see it, understand and integrate it?

Are nature and humans on that same field?

I feel that i live on a fatherless society were the wisdom of patterns seem to be long forgotten and as a consequence of that a materialistic civilisation has been installed, were the connection between humans and nature is almost lost , even between humans and humans it is very difficult, i sadly have to admit.

So, something went wrong and needs to be reconnected, that  is what i feel.

We have been taught at school that only five senses exist, which is true but these five senses are only connected to our beloved mother. Vision, taste, audition, tact and smell seem to me to be designed in our body so that we can interact with the third dimensional world. These five senses are also the ones that make us realise patterns, specially visual patterns, but for those patterns that are not visual but abstract, like mathematical , or social we need to use different senses.

Let´s see is more detail, so come with me…

I invite you to light up a candle, close your eyes, ( don’t worry i am not gonna start to sing a mantra ) and put your hand next to the candle flame. What do you feel? What do you sense? Heat ! So we have a sense for heat. Now, put some dancing clothes, turn on your sound system as loud as you can, locate some disco track and start to move your body, what do you sense?? Movement! Great, we have one more sense, the sense of movement. Are you still with me? Ok.. let’s go, close your eyes again, and try to stand just in one foot while your counting to 60, what do you feel? Balance!! Uuuuuuu, one more sense, the sense of balance.

Lets go deeper, go to you tube and select a foreign language movie, it could be from my country ( Portugal ) in case you’re not portuguese, put your head phones , close your eyes and tell me what do you sense? Language! It seems that we also have the sense of language… Now, seat comfortable , close your eyes and breath in and out 7 times, long and deep breaths, make it 7 times more, what do you sense? Thoughts coming in waves?? So lets had the sense of thought to the list. If one can go into meditation, which i find really a challenge in my daily life, specially if i am standing still, one will get to the sense of Ego, which i also recognise as a sense. Ego or the sense of “I”.

Also to mention there is also one that i have found to be pretty evident which is the sense of Life.

These 12 senses were brought up by the anthroposophist Rudolf Steiner. I hear that in some yoga traditions and recently Looby MacNamara in her new book is also referring to more than just the five senses.


Now let’s go to the pattern thinking again, isn’t it true that we have been listening many people talking about patterns recently? I mean, in our group of friends, talks like – hey man, that is your pattern, you always behave like that….la la la la la la, lots of behaviour patterns seem to be recognised between people nowadays, which make me think that society is trying to rescue the connection to the father that  has been lost long ago, i mean the pattern thinking, which will for sure lead Humans to wiser decisions, more ecological behaviours and eventually a better life. I feel that if we all see that we are under a destructive pattern regarding the way we look to this planet, for sure we will stop it and transform it for something more positive and life supportive.

So i see the awakening of the 13th sense which is the sense of Pattern emerging in our collective consciousness, and i see that the study of permaculture has a big impact around this topic considering that Bill Mollison the co-creator of permaculture wrote on is permaculture manual just one chapter about patterns and its importance when designing a land.

If we look into nature we can observe that whatever the mother , or matter, is trying to say , it is saying throughout the use of patterns, look into a snail, a river, a galaxy, our blood system, a sun flower, and so on.  And in these process nature always choose for the patterns were energy will be more efficient and less loss. The more i travel around the world the more i see a huge lack of proper design, designs that serves humanity not robot people, designs that are done using pattern understanding and observation, serving life and
its abundances.

I see that social permaculture is emerging out of the needs of humans that believe on humanity. If we look from the eyes of people care to the principles that David Holmgren brought to these existence we see that there is a web pattern connecting all of them; building soil, respecting the water, planting food forests, food sovereignty, local economies, holistic education, clean energy, proper housing, eco-communities, urban gardens, and so on are all part of these new pattern, these web that is interconnecting us with life , with compassion and ultimately with a peaceful culture.

Every where I look I see our beloved and deeply beautiful mother dancing with our wise and old father.

I put my sound system louder and dance with them.

So, lets dance! Like David Bowie will say!

Pedro Valdjiu, Planet earth, Europe, Portugal, Sintra, Terra Alta ( Permaculture educational centre )