Dear friends that are about to volunteer at Terra Alta. We have created this page in order to give you a frame of what are our expectations, what do we give you, what are our limits and helps and what do we wish that you know about your staying here.

Thank you for applying to be part of our project.

Terra Alta carries a vision:

– a small scale intensive food forest, with a blend of young and old trees spanning two Hectares, full of innovative guilds and earthworks bringing biodiversity and land design into fruition, nestled in a green valley with flowing water amongst the hills of Sintra, Portugal, close to the Atlantic Ocean and epic beaches

– an educational center focused on off the grid living and ecological design spanning all of the permaculture ethics, social, environmental and economic dimensions. Our aim is to distribute sustainable living skills, blending the teachings of permaculture, natural building, and those of many other traditions.

– a group of people, a family and international community full of a range of skills and backgrounds: educators, gardeners, musicians, craftspeople, friends, organizers, helping hands, diggers and dreamers – sharing a commitment to holistic living and an intention to manifest this through the development of healthy social relations, and the co-creation of a permanent culture.


Our Mission

To empower those seeking skills of regeneration, to let the flows of life carry symbiotic energies, and bring forth a new culture that reflects the principles and ethics of Permaculture and other philosophies.  Harmony and balance is manifested from the practical aspects of Permaculture Design education all the while developing healthy social relations and individual well-being, nourished by good food, music, art, celebration and Love for Life!

What we offer

Food – Vegetarian Breakfast, lunch and dinner made with local veggies and mostly organic products. Access to the kitchen during the day for snacking some fruits and a cup of tea or a coffee
We share our Lifestyle with you
Access to our Book library
Action learning
Some moments of Fun and Humour
Access to our local/regional network

Our limits 

Internet usage – you can surf the net but we have one hotspot with only 30giga a month. For more, you can go the local cafes
Energy usage – You can charge your telephone and mostly that will be it. If you have a PC and if the sun is shining you might get lucky…
No alcohol – We prefer that people don’t drink at the Land. We also like beer and wine but we don’t like to mix up energies. We can all make a toast at the local cafe.
No drugs – Same as alcohol
No dogs – Our dog is already enough!
No parking camper place
A place for a permanent living – Lots of people come here expecting to move with us. This is not possible at moment. We are still arriving and understanding how to grow for here.
We are not so many, therefore it is important that you know how to take care of yourself and that you also enjoy spending some time on your own.

Work Agreement 

6 hours day 5-6 days week.

List of possible working tasks

Chop n Drop
Seed harvesting
Food harvesting
Plant propagation
Feeding animals
Forest management
Small scale design work
General tasks
Dehydrate herbs/fruits
Site preparation for courses
Natural Building 
Moving materials
Preparing and applying materials
Helping hands on whatever task needs to be done

Legal topics to be covered 

We need you to have a health or work insurance, in case you don’t have we can try to get on for you.
At your arrival, we need you to sign a simple document saying that you are responsible for yourself during your staying.

We also need you to send to:
Full name and address
Mobile phone
and very important a contact of a friend or family member for emergency cases. ( we hope we don’t need it…)
Please also include answers to the following questions:
– What is your expectation to come here?
– Have you ever worked on a farm/ sustainable project?
– What is your area of expertise/ related skills?
– Can you work alone/ independently?
– Is it ok to do repetitive tasks?
– Do you have any allergy (e.g. bees, food)?
– Do have any special diet?
– Do you have any special needs?

What to bring 

Working clothes
Hygiene kit
Bots/working shoes
Camping gear
Head tosh

Please also take a look at: