A truly unique Yoga and Nature retreat to cleanse, tone and revitalize your connection to the body, mind, spirit and the infinite beauty of the surrounding natural world.

Set in the stunning permaculture site of Terra Alta nestled in valley close to the famous town of Sintra in Portugal, and only a short walk to some of the most breathtaking beaches, we warmly invite you to experience a week-long intimate deepening like no other. Working gently and mindfully on the detox pathways through the body we guide you in an expansive, holistic connection to the self and the community. 
Yoga, deep relaxation, and meditation sessions will be woven into the daily schedule bringing you a unique course combining inner ecology (yoga) with the outer ecology (permaculture).
Each day we will work on healing, cleansing and release a different body system, weaving through the correct detox pathway from the colon to the brain ending in full body, mind and spirit integration. 
Immersed in the stunning natural world we will guide you on a journey into 
  • Social and practical permaculture and nature connection, 
  • yoga designed specifically to gently work on different organs of the body restoring healthy movement and function
  • mindfulness and guided meditations to allow you to melt deeper into your consciousness, 
  • Creative group practices including poetry, music, dance and art workshops to bring forth new elements of the self that may remain hidden in daily life, as well as practical new techniques for inner problem solving that you can take home and apply to your life easily and effectively. 
  • Nature walks and sublime beach time
  • Aerial Arts – Aerial Silks Basics Class – for improving your body awareness, with focus on working to safely improve both functional strength and flexibility.
  • Forest Therapy – A walk is a 3-hour sensory connection experience in nature where we will be slowing down and through our senses, re-tuning to the frequency of life and mother earth.



All this deliciously complemented with handcrafted foods designed meticulously to aid in detoxing and strengthening our body systems by our incredible chef, who has worked not only at detox retreats around the world but served her delicious nourishment in Londons most famous restaurants such as Moro and Ottolenghi. She will lead cooking workshops as well as teaching the ancient art of fermentation, leaving you with tasty treats and new culinary artistry to take back to your own kitchens.

During your time here, you will learn practical skills to take home with you, and be provided with a comprehensive workbook, detailing the principles we will cover so that not only will you return home feeling beautifully held, nourished and connected,  but also with the confidence that in only 7 days you can reset your entire body system and treat others to the wealth of the experiences you will discover.

Dates: 2nd September 2018 ( arrival day )   – 10th September  2018 ( departure )

Course Fee:

500 euros  ( EARLY BIRD until 1st July  )

550 euros  ( After 2nd July )

Early booking is recommended since our courses fill up very quickly

 For more information and to register to contact Pedro Valdjiu at the following email :




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Amy Anam Cara – Yoga Nutrition and Hosting

A yoga teacher, naturopathic nutrition advocate, poet, and activist. Resting in the belief that the first place we can facilitate beautiful change is within ourselves, that when the mind, body, and spirit feel nourished we have access to a deeper awareness of life´s calling. That when we can speak from vulnerability we find power, that when we fill our cells with healthy information and inspiration we come alive. Building the bridge between our internal structures and the external world we find ourselves on such a journey into connectedness through deep engagement with the food we eat, the way we move our bodies, the way we share our inner selves with each other and feel ourselves held, to find new and creative ways to know ourselves better through dance, poetry, music, art, nature connection and sharing processes. I look forward to sharing this journey of love and laughter with you.

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Pedro Valdjiu – Permaculture Facilitation and Hosting

In 2008 Pedro Valdjiu had a dream of creating a Permaculture Educational Center that would be the breeding ground of a cultural movement to spread around the world. Ten years later Pedro’s dream has come true: Terra Alta has trained hundreds of people from all walks of life, from permaculture design courses ( PDC ) to sustainable house building and regenerative living solutions. The community has become a model of what off-the-grid living can look like and Pedro Valdjiu has emerged as a visionary founder, teacher and cultural regenerative agent of a movement that keeps getting bigger.

Within the Permaculture world, Pedro is a Permaculture project consultant, a certified teacher of the UK Association of Permaculture, a student of Sepp Holzer and teachings of David Holmgren and a passionate facilitator in the areas of Bio-Intensive Farming, Beekeeping, Forest Gardening, Natural Building, Eco-Village Design, Alternative Energy and Off-the-Grid Solutions.

Outside of the permaculture world, Pedro is an award-winning filmmaker and musician. He is the founder and member of the world-renowned musical band Blasted Mechanism. He is the co-founder of a Waldorf School that brings a love based education to children into the local community. And he is the father of two beautiful daughters and companion for about 24 years of lovely Rita Seixas.

 To know more about Valdjiu Click HERE
Peter Littlejohn Cook

Peter Little John Cook – Meditation and Hosting

Heaven on Earth facilitator, Meditation teacher, Tantric Yoga teacher.
Peter invites and guides you to rest in the supreme contentment – a feeling of Divine Communion with Life. Here your life unfolds gracefully as an expression of your full potential, experienced as inspired divine play.

Geeta – Forest Therapy

Geeta is a lover of nature. She is a certified Forest Therapy Guide and a Conscious Resting and Embodied Mindfulness practitioner. In Forest Therapy and  Nature Connection, she found a door to authentic slowing down, awareness of the present moment and connection to one’s own rhythm and self with presence and simplicity. She facilitates Nature connection experiences that promote health and wellbeing and an opening to the infinite potential of a reciprocal relationship with nature. There is a great mystery to be unfolded in our coming back to a sensory connection with Nature.
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Flick Skinner – Chef Bio

I have been a chef for over 10 years now. I am not classically trained, I have learned “on the job at places such as Ottolenghi, Moro, and Rose Bakery, where seasonal and nutritional produce plays a key role. The power of food to heal the body is something very important to me and I continue to explore and develop this knowledge through cooking and holistic practices. I am fascinated by the recent development of the importance of our gut health and the microbiome which has to lead me to practice the art of fermentation and cooking to heal the gut. In a modern world where industrial farming techniques, stressful lifestyles, and toxicity are depleting our nutrient consumption and damaging our health, I believe cooking from scratch with local, seasonal nutritionally dense and of course delicious produce is a must to restore optimal health and happiness.


The Host Site

Terra Alta is an aspiring off the grid holistic education host site and gives you the chance to be immersed in a landscape of learning. It’s located in between Almoçageme and Ulgueira, two quaint villages just above the sea and situated for easy access to the amazing beaches called Praia da Adraga and Ursa. It’s easy to reach from Lisbon and Sintra and gives access to our amazing sunset cliffs and beaches. Terra Alta offers a wonderful example of small-scale intensive systems working towards being off the grid. Because the site has had several years of Permaculture management, it is easy for students to immerse themselves in the principles of landscape development and holistic infrastructure development. The following Permaculture elements and functions are on display amongst others:

  • Small-scale Earthworks to capitalise on impervious surface runoff
  • Extensive Food Forest of subtropical, temperate, and Mediterranean species corresponding with the earthworks
  • Hot & Cold Composting (Vermiculture) systems for boosting soil life, picking up on waste streams, and cycling nutrients
  • Food Preservation and supporting local economy of food production
  • Small Intentional Community focused on adult education through Permaculture courses but more importantly holistic, Waldorf and Permaculture inspired education for the children of the local area
  • Natural Building techniques utilized for dwellings and outdoor cooking and social spaces
  • Renewable Energy technology featuring solar panels – we provide charging only for mobile phones due to limited amount of energy.
  • Internet available one hour a day via Hotspot.

In case you want top know a bit more about our vision go HERE 

 And to meet our crew HERE

And to meet the land and how we apply Permaculture HERE




During the courses students get a chance to experience a permaculture garden more intimately by camping on the land. In a semi-wild area, we have created level terraces among the trees, mushrooms and stones for people to pitch their tents out of view from the rest of the garden.

There is also the possibility for some students with their own bus/camper-van to stay on the land, although space is limited; so if you are interested in bringing a bus, please get in touch and we’ll do our best to accommodate everyone!


What to do nearby

In the break day you can go to Praia da Ursa, the wild beach 30 min away walking. There is so much to visit in Sintra… its a world heritage area full of incredible monuments and gardens planted with an immense variety of trees.  We have created a page with some of the local features that you can visit HERE

Videos from past courses